Cost of Website Development in Singapore

Cost of Website Development in Singapore

In this day and age every business owner knows the importance of website and what it can do for their business. Pretty often business owners in Singapore are asking “How much is the cost of website development in Singapore”.  People not belonging to IT industry might find it hard in estimating costs and requirements of a web development project. Because of the fact that there are no longer any government grants for business owners in Singapore to revamp or build their website from the scratch, one has to be extra careful and selective when choosing the right web development company. 

The cost of a website may depend upon the size of business, design elements and number of web pages needed. Here we will try to estimate what a professional website development will cost in Singapore taking into account various elements of web design. 

Factors that determine the cost of website development in Singapore:

  • Size of your company
  • Number of pages you looking to have in your website
  • Looking for a simple website or dynamic website
  • Looking for custom design or theme
  • Looking for e-commerce integration
  • Looking for backend with user logins
  • Looking for web application with a lot of database and logic features

All these points play a part in website costs. Below is a ball park as to how much it will cost for website development in Singapore for various kinds of business needs.

1. Information website with basic features

For business listing sites, there is not a lot of functionality needed; although it has to be highly informational. In case of a real estate company it will have a lot of high quality images, addresses, property description, amenities and contact info. A website like this in Singapore with 5 to 10 pages with scope of work like talking of real estate trends, latest property images, database, email subscription, bookings for appointment and email set-up will cost around S$2000 to S$10000. The range is wide because of the level of detailing and functionality that might be required by the business owner. 

2. E-commerce website

E-commerce stores are a lot more complicated then static websites. Such websites require high level of customization with enhanced security and technical features. Some of the common technical features of ecommerce website are.

E-commerce website
  • Customer check-ins and account management
  • Creating Product section: It can have ‘n’ number of products
  • Images
  • Pricing, shipping and tax info
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Cart functionality
  • Product descriptions and others

Such websites are complex and depending on number of products and features can cost anywhere between S$15,000 to S$50,000.

3. Community websites

Community websites are quite popular these days and everyone is trying to create their own tribe socially. A website like this has features for:

  • Discussion group creation
  • Account Sign ups
  • Commenting and uploading images as well as URLs

This kind of website can cost anywhere between S$20,000 to S$50,000. 

4. Creating a WebApp (Like: Upwork or Oyo)

This is most complex of the lot depending on the feature and work it’s meant to do. Let’s look at various functionalities and features first to estimate a cost.

  • Marketplace website: This business model is quite lucrative these days and it generally involves three parties. The buyer, the seller and the platform itself. Example: Amazon. This kind of marketplace can cost anywhere between S$60,000 to S$300,000. Multiple log-ins, options for uploading products, comparisons etc will ramp up the cost.
  • Listing Website: Listing site like Zomato involves uploading info about thousands of restaurants and company itself would have to make those uploads including images and text. A strong review and rating system has to be in place as well for it. Thus a strong algorithm will be needed too. This can cost between S$20,000 to S$50,000.

5. Corporate Website

A corporate business website is usually an informational website that requires 10-30 pages with a contact form and integrated with an email subscription plugin. Some corporate website will include additional marketing tools and add ons including live chat, pop up forms and more. A corporate website is suitable for almost anyone who wants to grow their business with their website. Most companies will use Google Marketing service or Search Engine Optimization to advertise their website. Lots of hours are put into planning to create a successful corporate website include the content strategy, competitor research and sitemap planning.

The cost of web design for corporate varies for each business industries. Typically, a corporate will cost around S$6,000 – S$35,000 if you do not need any additional maintenance support.

6. Small business website

A small business website is usually an informational website that requires 5-7 pages with a contact form and integrated with an email subscription plugin. If you are a small business owner with a brick and mortar business and looking to go online, this is likely for you.

Cost of Website Development

The cost of web design for small business varies for each business industries. Typically, a small website will cost around S$3,500 – S$5,000 if you do not need any additional maintenance support or any customized features.

If you are just looking for a start on your business online presence, a small business website package should work well for you. Since the price of web design is somewhat similar among all the web design companies in Singapore, you should go for value for money option. Considering a professional web design company that uses premium plugins for your website and can provide you with website maintenance is a safer bet. You may check out a list of well regarded development companies in Singapore for more information.

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