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TechTIQ Solutions is your digital transformation partner in Singapore. We focus to help you boost your business performance. From strategy to execution, our skills and knowledge create a positive and long term result across a wide range of industries.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the full integration of digital technology into all aspects of a business. In other words, it changes how businesses operate and deliver value to customers.  To begin with, to have digital transformation in place is not only about to improve performance. But it is also about cultural shift. Firstly, organizations must be willing to test new ways of doing things. Secondly, they need to be able to accept and learn from failure. In the long run, this will help them stay ahead of the curve. Not to mention, for them to keep up with the dynamic technology landscape.

Our team at TechTIQ Solutions can help you build a strong digital base for your business. To point out, we have worked with many companies of all sizes across various industries. At length, we help you to reimagine the possibilities that your business can grow through digital transformation. For one thing, we have years of experience in multiple domains. With our expertise, we can provide an insightful strategy for you. As a result, we help you to evolve your customer experience to stand out from your competitors.

Why should you opt for
Digital Transformation Consultation?

Eliminate Manual Processes

Accelerate your business performance.

One of the main causes of inefficiency in your business is to rely on manual tasks. In fact, you can replace them with the most up to date software for a better digital performance. On the whole, your business can make huge leaps forward.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Better Customer Relationships.

Customer experience is the most important part of digital transformation. Hence, our team at TechTIQ make sure that you get it right. By and large, our services let you create a new level of satisfaction by tracking conversations, touchpoints, and follow-ups.

Real-Time Customer Data Collection

Measure customer behavior to make more informed decisions.

Up to the present time, businesses still do not invest a lot in mobile apps. Whereas, when you create a mobile app for your customers, it allows you to be different from your competitors. It can help you to attract more customers. Likewise, it can also help to improve your business profit. All in all, it is a big step for your business. 

Increased Scalability and Flexibility

Unleash the potential of your business.

It is time to unleash the potential of your business. We can help you to find and put in place solutions that will drive growth for your company. At any rate, the new technology solutions from TechTIQ help you to increase the scalability and flexibility of your business. In short, this means that your business can grow with no contraints from legacy systems.

Your digital transformation begins here.

Techtiq’s Digital Transformation Consultation Services

We specialize in technology consulting and business analysis. Our services includes strategy design and implementation. In like manner, our team can also help you transform your company’s values, processes, and information flow. For the purpose of making sure that your business can reach new levels of customer satisfaction and innovation.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Get smarter.

TechTIQ uses and converts data variants into easy to read information. As a matter of fact, our Advanced BI service empowers business owners to make better decisions using data. In detail, these refer to robust business intelligence development, data strategies, data visualization, testing, and so on.

Complete Operations Integration

Take your business to the next level.

Together with integrated partnership and technology, we help to reinvent various business aspects with full operations integrations. Our cross-functional experts and skilled team help you put in place all the changes. As well as, to help guide you through all the needed changes for your firm.

Predictive Data Analytics

Reach beyond the obvious.

At TechTIQ Singapore, we offer predictive analytics services for digital transformation. To explain, they includes advanced variants of analytics services, text analytics, predictive modeling, machine learning, data mining, & statistical analytics. In essence, our experienced solutions are easy-to-use, thorough, scalable, intuitive, and at competitive cost.

IM Platforms Integration

Safely share team data.

With the expertise at TechTIQ, we are here to help you manage all the conversations across several channels. We achieve this through integration of the IM platforms into the digitization plan. To emphasize, our aim is to ensure and improve employee teamwork via secure encryption for data protection.

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Industries to benefit from Digital Transformation Strategy

In reality, digital transformation is one of the crucial steps that a business can make today. In order to have better ROI and enjoy long-term benefits. Our in-house experts have years of experience in providing digital transformation strategies in Singapore.

All in all, we design our services to work with various industry fields. Here are some examples of the industries that have gained the benefits from digital transformation :

Why choose TechTIQ for your Digital Transformation Consultation needs?

There are many reasons why you should choose our Digital Transformation Consultation Services. To list, here are some of them:

digital transformation singapore - in depth technical consultation blue icon

In depth technical consultation

Our digital transformation strategy consultation in Singapore provides you the potential to integrate new tools and techniques with your existing systems.

digital transformation singapore - flexible development methodologies blue icon

Flexible development methodologies

We are an agile team who can provide you with the best strategies and tech-friendly project methodologies. By all means, to help you get better customer engagement for your business.

digital transformation singapore - award winning solutions blue icon

Award winning solutions

We provide you with award-winning strategic development solutions and applications in Singapore.

digital transformation singapore - collaborative approach blue icon

Collaborative approach

TechTIQ uses a communicative and collaborative approach model to work with all our clients.

digital transformation singapore - in house UI UX design blue icon

In house UI/UX designers

Our front-end, in-house developers are experts in UX/UI design and business analysis.

digital transformation singapore - excellent track record blue icon

Excellent track record

We also have a proven track record for the success in our project delivery.

digital transformation singapore - enhanced development time blue icon

Enhanced development time

We have years of experience in digital transformation in Singapore. By comparison, our development time is shorter. That is to say, we can help your business save a lot of money.

digital transformation singapore - full quality assurance blue icon

Full quality assurance

We value Quality in all that we do. Being that, all our strategies and implementations go through QA (Quality Assurance) testing before going live.

digital transformation singapore - competitive pricing blue icon

Competitive pricing

On top of our expertise and experience in the digital transformation domain, our solutions are affordable as well.

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