8 Web Development Trends You Should Know About

8 Web Development Trends You Should Know About

Each year brings fresh ideas and innovations in web development. It’s an ever-changing world. Technologies are so unpredictable, we sometimes don’t know how the year is going to turn out. There are always new trends in the digital world and in order to satisfy the business needs developers should always keep up with the latest of them.  

More than half of business owners are willing to invest money in an improved website. To know what to look for in order to get that trendy page, we share with you some of the web development trends in 2019 you should know about.

Voice search optimization 

This year voice search is a trend you can’t skip. It’s making its impact on the web and by 2020 over 30% of all searches will be done without using the screen. With that said voice search must become a part of your tech strategy as soon as possible. 

Technologies like Siri, for example, make the consumer more comfortable with the feature and they will start to look for it and use it in search engines as well. This means voice speech isn’t going anywhere. 

For developers, it’s crucial to make a website mobile responsive, as 20% of mobile searches are actually voice searches, according to Google.

Consumers are getting more comfortable using voice search to browse the internet, so you might consider integrating voice search on your website as well. The important thing is that the visitor gets the ability to search on your domain in the way that he wants to.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages Project back in 2015 and today it’s one of the latest trends of web technologies. This encourages building websites that load faster and work just as smoothly on mobile devices. AMP sites can also increase their visibility. 

Google has launched a page that contains guides and tutorials on how to use the AMP technology, so it’s easy to add it to any website.

API-first design and streamlined workloads 

With the rise of IoT today all of our devices are connected. That’s very convenient for the user, but those connections may get dicey if the application was built wrong in the first place. 

Usually, the application is designed and the appropriate APIs add after that. Once an API is done, it’s given to a front-end team for testing and checking it’s interactions. The problem is that this process takes large amounts of time.

Here comes the API-first design. That way developers start with the APIs and then build the product. This is especially true when it comes to web design and development

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Nowadays robots are expected to make a huge difference in cybersecurity. With its many benefits, artificial intelligence is also used in cybersecurity. Actually, it’s expected that business will spend over 2 billion dollars by 2025 on AI meant to prevent cybersecurity threats. 

The main reason for robots going into cybersecurity is that people aren’t always available. Actually, they can’t work to defuse the attack unless the damage has already been done. AI is also cost-saving over time as you don’t pay hourly for it. This makes cybersecurity cheaper and yet more efficient.

Progressive Web Apps

PWA has been going around for a couple of years. Today it’s one of the most important web development trends. What it does is making the world wide web more user-friendly by bringing the browsing experience closer to a mobile application.

Recently mobiles tend to dominate over other devices. Actually, apps are a lot more used than mobile browsing.  PWAs come to troubleshoot the issues with websites, such as slowness or no offline access. Some of the biggest companies like Twitter or Alibaba already use PWA to provide a better user experience.

More responsive websites 

This relatively old trend still takes place in 2019. In fact this year it’s become a must-have feature. As we already mentioned above, the majority of users prefer mobile devices.

 This is the reason why Google is going to add mobile-first indexing. It means that websites that are best optimized for mobile devices will be better ranked, which makes them a lot more visible to users.

Single-Page Application 

Single Page Application is a web application based on Javascript which works well among user devices. It is a performance booster that decreases web development time by responding to navigation actions without creating a request for a new HTML from the server-side. 

The SPA is best for building responsive websites that support mobile apps. It’s based on React and Angular frameworks which make it suitable for hybrid apps.

Motion UI

The dynamic actions and great animation make Motion UI a huge trend this year. It has a big impact on usability. Motion UI allows the developer to tell a visual story to the viewer with the help of many tools and techniques.

It also allows seamless transaction effects on the user interface. Motion UI is widely preferred because it gives the developer the ability to easily animate content without having a solid foundation in JavaScript. 


As each year 2019 has a variety of web development trends to offer. If you have a business that you want to upgrade and make more relevant make sure to keep an eye on these trends. Take some extra steps to create a website with the futuristic integrations we mentioned. They will improve the user experience and make it more convenient.

 And remember – convenience is what consumers look for. If you provide that to them you are a step ahead of the competition.

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