IT Outstaffing in 2019: 4 Toughest Challenges

IT Outstaffing in 2019: 4 Toughest Challenges

Outstaffing is one of the most popular remote hiring models, mainly used in the domain of information technology. Outstaffing is when a team of IT specialists is provided by a third-party contractor as a resource to the main client for its IT project.

This could be a single software developer working dedicatedly on one project of a client for the period of the contract. The client has full control over the hired team or individual. It could offer a lot of benefits to enterprises from around the world.

Today, IT staffing is turning into something quite normal. The demand for external IT talent tends to be increasing. More and more businesses take advantage of out-staffing, rather than in-house specialists.

Of course, finding a good external team is not always easy. Here are some of the toughest challenges in IT out-staffing for 2019:

Clients with unclear goals

This is the most commonly seen problem that vendors face when working with clients. However, this is not surprising as unclear expectation causes trouble with in-house projects as well. In offshore development, it’s usually due to miscommunication or different expectations for the skills of the vendor.

No matter if your project is done in-home or offshore you need to have a clear vision of the final result.

Security and trust issues

Some IT out-staffing companies could be unreliable partners. Certain countries are in a conflict situation or a state of war.  There are hackers and spies everywhere. Most companies wouldn’t put their intellectual secrets at risk, just for a lower cost.

In order to choose an IT out-staffing company that is secure enough check their certificates and background.

Difficult working environment

Outstaffing can provide very high-quality labor at an extremely low cost. However, there sometimes might be moral issues accompanying it.

IT out-staffing companies may not be available at any time. Employees that work on an outsourcing project often have to work very long hours, as well as overtime, because of the different time zones.

If you want to make long-term decisions for people joining this industry, the overtime and underpaid work is definitely something you need to consider.

Cultural and language barriers

If you choose IT out-staffing to a non- English country there might be some cultural and language disparities. This marks an impact on the ability of the offshore team to completely understand the project and fulfill it as expected. There are cases when companies hire a translator in order to be sure that ideas are clearly understood. Still, they are not preferred only because of communication issues.

However, most of the specialists have learned English so they can fulfill their projects without misunderstanding.


IT out-staffing is a great solution for your business and can really lower the costs while increasing its flexibility. Like any other decision, there is always a risk. You may experience some difficulties until you find the right offshore team or individual. However, it brings you lots of possibilities and great professionals.

The challenges you may face with IT staffing companies are slowly decreasing. In 2019 we can see that they’ve already reduced to just a few compared to a couple of years back. IT out-staffing services tend to get better globally and today you can find some great specialist and professional teams offshore.
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