Figure Out about Offshore IT Staffing Services In Vietnam

March 8, 2022


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We’ve read a wide range of articles on offshore software outsourcing. Yet, we have begun to grasp its significance in the “new normal” period of company restructuring. We’ve also looked at a variety of offshore IT staffing services, each of which has a unique set of qualities. That is tailored to the specific needs of the organization in question. However, how about chatting about the optimal software development location in Asia and finding more about offshore software development center in Vietnam? 

Why Should You Consider Choosing This Type of IT Staffing Service?

The human component, which is critical to a company’s performance, must be given greater attention and reform in the face of a variety of challenges, including the current pandemic crisis, shifting consumer tastes, and more. 

Operational acceleration, innovation, and agility are among the most sought-after internet solutions in the pandemic age, according to a 2020 Mckinsey study. Businesses are increasingly focusing on the customer experience in order to strengthen the customer experience. Maintaining and developing databases in businesses that heavily rely on data. 

When looking for a cost-saving and time-efficient method of filling temporary positions. Businesses have long been interested in the form of IT staffing. Here are some typical forms of offshore IT staffing services:  

  • Rate card: Simply provide your employees with high-quality IT training
  • Build-Operate-Transfer: The newly recruited staff will initially work offshore as a remote support unit, and gradually become in-house if the feasibility is high
  • Mark-up: Clients pay immediately over the salaries of the engineers
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing: A third-party organization will be selected to handle activities such as monitoring, evaluating work results, etc. under IT staffing
  • Signed contract: If you decide to work on a short-term project, this choice is suitable. However, you can still develop into a long-term partnership.
  • Meta-partnering: The staff members actively seek out new employers on their own initiative

Why is Vietnam a destination for offshore IT staffing services?

Certainly, when it comes to the Asia-Pacific region, we cannot ignore the countries that are on the rise in the IT industry, including Vietnam – in addition to India, China, and Thailand. More than 65 percent of Vietnam’s population will be under 30 by 2021, according to Index Mundi, making it one of the world’s “golden population” countries. 

Since Vietnam’s workforce is mostly young and skilled, the nation has become a regional powerhouse for technology startups. Specifically, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC)’s report, with a 7.1 percent annual growth rate, the revenue of the Information & Communication Technology industry has reached US$120 billion in 2020.

Moreover, when it comes to IT investment in Vietnam, many investors will think about potential legal challenges. Understand this preoccupation, efforts were made to streamline the process of approving foreign investment. Also in order to improve the economic climate in Vietnam in 2020, in strategy to garner more international investors. Besides, the labor cost in Vietnam is quite reasonable compared to other countries. You can refer to the articles about offshore software development rates by country to have a good evaluation.

Good resistance to disease

At the same time, Vietnam is a nation that, despite the rampant disease, maintains a solid IT sector performance. The government and the people have a strong commitment, a willingness to prepare ahead, and the ability to adjust. Companies specialized in offering software solutions in Vietnam are now enabling workers to work remotely in order to provide the greatest possible health and safety.

Despite the pandemic situation that has caused many challenges to the health and stability of the world economy, Vietnam and especially the offering companies offshore IT staffing services are still working effectively thanks to effective operations and strategies.

Advantages of implementing IT staffing services in Vietnam

  • Personalization in the process of hiring

Everything that IT staffing agencies in Vietnam will do will be guaranteed to go according to the wishes of the client. Clarifying your needs and specifications is the first step in the recruiting process.

  • Extraordinary adaptability

Thanks to the generation of workers who are in the “golden age of population”, Vietnam naturally possesses adaptability that is superior to other countries.

  • Faster hiring

The IT staffing approach may save you when you have an urgent project. Especially with a force of young engineers, a large number… there will certainly be many choices and quick addition of personnel for you.  

  • Complete command of the procedure

Once you have got the team formed up, you may even be able to manage their compensation throughout the course of the project.

  • Easy communication

With the coverage rate of English across all education levels in Vietnam many years ago, foreign businesses can now confidently conduct offshore IT staffing services in Vietnam.  Communication is critical even if your IT personnel is only there temporarily or is working from a distant location.

  • Professional skillful software developers

Surely a team of talented engineers will be a bright spot to make your projects successful. Whether it’s in a very short time or is affected by objective problems, professional ability will also be a determining factor in the opinion of Vietnam’s IT industry. From the backend to the frontend, from full-stack to the database, Vietnamese engineers hold a wide range of technical skills that reflect their capacity to work on a variety of projects.

Ruby/Ruby on Rails/Pers/Scale/Goland is all examples of backend programming languages that are used by backend developers. While WordPress and Magento Full-stack developers use AngularJS and ReactJS on the front end and a variety of other technologies on the back end.

Top 5 Reputable Offshore IT Staffing Companies in Vietnam

Saigon Technology

It is possible to build a well-respected outsourced workforce at the most affordable rates in the area. Saigon Technology, a business in Ho Chi Minh City, contains everything you need! It is Saigon Technology’s firm belief that it can meet your software development needs with a team of over 400 exceptional software engineers. They are from the top one percent of the Vietnamese population. Founded in 2010, Saigon Technology Solutions is a leading software outsourcing company with the strength of the best Vietnamese software developers at its disposal. The Vietnam Software Development Company, STS, has won several honors for its work.


One of the best offshore software development companies is KMS Technology. In addition to serving domestic and international clients, the firm also provides outsourced services. It is able to offer the needed outcomes. Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing are only some of the current technology and IT solutions. That the corporation has invested in recently.

FPT Software

Vietnam-based FPT Software is multinational software development, outsourcing, and IT service firm. More than 10,000 people are available to support customers. A wide range of services is from FPT Software, including analysis, internet of things (IoT), mobile computing, cloud computing, embedded systems, quality assurance (QA), legacy migration, package implementation, application service, and business process outsourcing (BPO) throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Kyanon Digital 

As a pioneering offshore development service provider, the firm serves clients throughout the globe with cost-effective and high-quality services. To date, the company has proven a track record of delivering desired results on complex projects and large-scale business solutions. All of their developers are masters in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks. For example, .NET CORE and NodeJS as well as React, Android, and iOS/React Native app development services.

Agile Tech

The team at AgileTech specializes in web and mobile app development, blockchain services, and AI – big data services. Numerous start-ups receiving millions of dollars in venture capital have turned to them as technological partners since 2015. With the desire to bring Vietnamese talent to develop and strengthen the international IT industry. Agile Tech always focuses on the expertise, knowledge, as well as life, and mind of its employees.

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