IT Staffing in 2019: How it Changed and Is It Worth It?

IT Staffing in 2019: How it Changed and Is It Worth It?

The global pool of talents is shrinking constantly, which results in a rather dwindling supply of qualified candidates. Not only is it challenging to find the right people, but it’s even more so to retain them.

As an established authority in the IT staffing field, TechTIQ Solutions takes the liberty to provide an overall look at the industry. As well as, some of the major trends that we are likely to see throughout the remainder of the year.

2019: Highlights of The Staffing Industry in 2019

In terms of the global staffing revenue, the projected growth amounts to 6 percent compared to the 7 percent that we saw back in 2018. However, Japan, as well as China, India, and the markets at Continental Europe expect double-digit growth.

The total staffing market in the US has an expectation is to rise by about 3 percent in 2019, reaching $152 billion in 2019. We can also see a projection of a 1.9 percent growth for the following year as well.

On the other hand, the overall unemployment rate is expected to be 3.7 percent. This figure is the lowest it has been in the past 49 years.

Of course, these are general facts about the staffing industry in general. When it comes to IT staffing, however, it’s important to note that these highlights also have an impact.

IT staffing is likely to see increased popularity mainly because of the lack of qualified candidates. Hence, companies are likely to rely on whatever means they can utilize to capitalize on the increasing demand for IT solutions.

IT Staffing Trends to Consider in 2019

In every industry, we are likely to see a range of different specifics which will shape up the IT staffing field throughout 2019. Based on our observations, we’d like to present to you some of the following trends.

Trend #1: Finding A Candidate-Client Balance: Utterly Critical

It’s impossible to stress how important it is for staffing professionals to guarantee that the experience that the client, as well as the candidate, receives is equally good.

With a dedicated team of developers, as well as access to the latest technological tools, TechTIQ Solutions puts the client at the forefront while making sure that the candidates are perfectly suited for the job as well.

It’s essential to make sure that the overall experience is flawless for both sides because failing to do so usually results in results. That fails to meet the expectations or the requirements themselves.

Trend #2: Temporary Work Becomes More Relevant in IT Staffing

With more and more companies taking on projects which are executed in a rather shorter-term, temporary work becomes a lot more relevant.

Moreover, the overall market sees a shortage of quality candidates. For instance, we expect that the demand for temporary workers is likely to keep surging. Furthermore, staffing professionals appear to be eager to fill in the vacant spots as quickly as possible with these professionals.

Trend #3: Diversity in IT Staffing Continues to Matter

One of the things that TechTIQ Solutions is proud of is its diverse IT workforce. The company offers IT staffing solutions for a rather wide range of skill sets. Detailedly, the skill set includes quality assurance, system administration, custom software development, database expertise, cybersecurity, web development, and whatnot.

The IT field is perhaps one that undergoes constant changes throughout every year. It appears that there’s always an emerging technology that disrupts what we previously thought is an established standard. Hence, the importance of qualified candidates who are able to tackle these changes is only going to increase.

Wrapping It Up

To conclude, we believe that IT staffing is only going to grow in importance as the field becomes more and more dynamic every year. Moreover, the lack of qualified candidates is only going to boost this tendency higher.
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