Top 8 best offshore software development companies in Vietnam

Top 8 best offshore software development companies in Vietnam

Our lives are becoming much more convenient and advanced thanks to the software, which allows us to manipulate everything quickly without manual power. Technology has been developing day by day, software development companies are also increasingly expanding and giving customers many unique technological ideas.

The intensive technology development sector is now the leading creative sector of developed countries’ economies. As a business owner, we are all eager to capture the market tastes and understand our customers, in order to provide our customers with the best quality and service.

However, the digital era is developing strongly and technology is on the rise, if you have to go in the field where you do not really have deep expertise, the consequences will be unpredictable. Therefore, all we need to do to succeed towards digitization is to research the appropriate model for our business and find out information about the team of experts who will support this part. 

TechTIQ Solutions Pte., as a leading digital transformation consultant company in Singapore, is definitely your reliable partner as a local digital solution company that can hand hold you throughout your digital transformation journey, offering valuable advises and exceptional solutions web and app development agency. Our customer success model focuses on value for customer with a smooth process and excellent communications through every project. There may however be cases when customer is willing to brave the technical and engagement challenges and engage a fully offshore development team. With our roots and exposure in Vietnam, it is definitively one location where customer can find capable software coding team.  We share below some information and guides for those who are considering engaging and managing an offshore coding team. While the article is intended for the Singapore audience, the information is equally applicable for readers from all parts of the world.

Why offshore outsourcing to software development?

Offshore software development or programming involves assigning a task to a third party software company or a group of developers in another country to provide services such as web and electrical technology platform development. The main reason for such selecting this option is more often then not the lower cost of development. 

In order to conduct offshore software development, you can hire a group, a company of specialized developers, or maybe just an individual who specializes in subjects. Depending on specific requirements and plans, you may delegate the entire project or only certain tasks. The process is simple on the surface. However, it is absolutely vital that you have a technically capable team who will oversee and manage this offshore development. Without such a team, the chances of wasted resources and project failure is typically high.
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How important is software outsourcing to software development?
The software has evolved over the years from programs that are placed on disks to hours of instant access via online activation. Traditional software companies have produced software programs that are sold to consumers via a disc that requires time to purchase and install. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and cloud technology, customers now can immediately get access to software installation.

Why Vietnam For Offshore Software Development?

Human resources market of Information Technology is still vibrant day by day. All over the world, it is impossible to not mention the popular names in the technology world, which are India, Vietnam, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, China … with the quality of service highly appreciated in the number one position, along with affordable prices and dynamic young human resources are always extremely responsible for the project. Written communications are typically without major issues although it may take some getting used to when you want to conduct a live or e-meeting.

Vietnam is gradually rising to dominate and assert their competitive position in the area of Offshore Software Development. With a population of ideal labor force, youthful and dedicated to the profession, Vietnam has provided global clients with a range of international-level projects, with competitive service fees and enthusiastic support from the offshore development team. Only 2 hours of flight from Singapore, it can be said that Vietnam is the perfect choice for customers looking at offshore development models.

Top 8 best offshore software development companies in Vietnam – Who are they?

More and more software companies appear and develop with dramatically increasing numbers of new Developers joining the IT industry. Therefore, customers will easily find the best software outsourcing companies and have more choices with “hot” names from many different countries.

However, depending on the needs and nature of the project, we need to consider it. It can be a company in India, in China, in Ukraine or Vietnam … These are the top countries in the list of offshore countries with strong brain power in the Information Technology industry. However, considering the competitive service fee, abundant human resources – the youth is full, and always brings fresh ideas with top quality work: Vietnam, is an ideal destination for offshore software outsourcing.

Here are some companies that we are familiar with and has high credibility:

Saigon Technology

Currently being the leading Vietnam-based Agile software development company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Saigon Technology Solutions was established in 2012 with the power of more than 100 talented software engineers.


Offshore Software Development Company in Vietnam - Saigon Technology

Offshore Software Development Company in Vietnam – Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology was certified among 15 best Agile software outsourcing companies in Vietnam by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019 and 2020. Their mission is to bring the best and most cost-effective Agile software development offshoring and outsourcing solutions to customers from all over the world; and in many different areas such as e-finance, e-business, logistic, transportation, healthcare, media and other industries.
Clients: Karcher, Abbott, Panasonic, Standard Chartered Bank to name a few.
Engagement models: fixed price or project based.


HDWebsoft is a software development firm located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With over 150 employees, they have the resources and abilities to handle any web, mobile, or software project. They can support clients with Web application development, web production development and maintenance, mobile application development services.


S3Corp is one of the leading providers of software development services in the global market based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. S3 Corp has a proven track record in an ever challenging and competitive market. Employing a scalable pool of talent with strong experience in the software outsourcing industry along with the application of proven processes and standards, they offer customers extensive software services. Their services range from full software development, new feature development, existing feature enhancement, automation test tool development, testing and maintenance support services, and more.

InApps Technology is the top and reliable software development company in Vietnam. They have successfully helped their clients’ implement their Digital Transformation and especially their Application Development Outsourcing. InApps masters the innovation process of bringing an idea to market or transform a business into its digital presence. They work through the process from ideation, validation, to development, launch strategy and growth.

Engagement model: Fixed price or project based model.


Eztek‘s story began in 2011 with a small team with a big vision: to empower organizations across the globe with custom software development from concept to completion. Behind the scenes, a team of Project Managers, Developers and Creatives come together to create great software tailored to the needs of our clients across different industries.
Engagement model: Fixed price or project based model.


AgileTech is a quality outsourcing/offshoring company in Website Development, Mobile Apps, Blockchain services, AI – big data services. With talented IT resources, the company has built many products and become technical partners for international startups that have invested millions US dollars. Of the 5-year-journey, AgileTech has worked on over 100 projects in various industries from e-commerce, travel, fintech to enterprise management, social media and more. With industry-specific technology and intensive experience, the company has put forth impactful products for partners all around the world.

Engagement model: Fixed price or project based

High Productivity is an outsourcing/offshoring company in professional Microservice Apps Development, Machine Learning and Big Data. The company has transformed many business models in logistics and restaurant business to enable the capacity of using digital assets to scale the businesses. Some notable customers of the company is New Port Cooperation and Order Tiger. Some interesting ongoing projects of the company is revolutionize UK’s restaurant businesses and secured digital assets when employees have to work from home.

Engagement model: Fixed price or project based model.

Innotech Vietnam


Innotech Vietnam is a software outsourcing company focusing on high quality services in Viet Nam as well as a leader in development and system integration for Fintech Companies.

At Innotech Vietnam, they strive for the creation, innovation, development and advanced solutions. This company provides a wide range of software services to meet all requirements and expectations from customers, and turns these advanced technologies into value for their customers through their professional solutions and business service worldwide.
Innotech serves multiple clients all over the world, especially in Vietnam, Japan, America, Australia, Singapore. 200+ projects have been completed. Over 90% of these companies keep coming back to Innotech Vietnam for a wide range of software needs and they enjoy the same standard of service every time.

MOR Software JSC

Being one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, MOR (Make Our-dreams Realized) was established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2016 with mission is to create core values with the highest level of satisfaction for the clients, contribute to national prosperity and bring happiness to employees.
With over 150 qualified software engineers in 4 offices (Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo, Hanoi, Danang), MOR has delivered over 140 projects for up to 35 clients across the world including InDetail, Bit One Group, Aruto and ISM.
The key software outsourcing service the company delivers include system consulting, website development, mobile app development, SaaS solution development, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.
In 2020, MOR has been a recipient of Sao Khue IT award, the most reliable and prestigious assessment program of Vietnam in the field of software and IT services.
Engagement model: Fixed price or Project-based.

Above are the 8 best offshore software development companies in Vietnam for those considering offshore outsourcing.

But if you are looking for a well respected end to end solution digital solution provider, TechTIQ Solutions definitely is the choice!

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