Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

According to various Market research studies, around 2.5 billion people own a smartphone! Smartphones’ importance in everyday life is unending. It has become a pivotal point of communication for individuals and businesses alike. Today there’s an application that serves almost all business purposes.

The competition is intense now and businesses are taking digital transformation strategy very seriously. Just having the best product or service isn’t enough. If a company has to reach the higher end of the spectrum, it has to go towards digitalization & having a mobile app is an assured step towards it. While many business owners feel it to be an expensive or unnecessary investment, mobile apps can in fact help businesses drive sales and strengthen the market positioning.

What are the odds that having an app impacts your business in a positive way? Let’s look at some of the global stats about mobile usage below:

Time percentage for using a Mobile App

According to a business report by Smaato, for every 8 minutes that users spend on their smartphone, 7 are spent accessing applications. Also, on average a user has 29 apps installed on their smartphones, and the rate of installation a lot higher than the rate of un-installation of apps.

If we look at Singapore in comparison, the country ranks as the top app-based economy in Asia. This has been made possible by pro-active government policies — like aggressively rolling out a fiber network and the country’s role in shaping the future of 5G.

In the past, mouth publicity might have been enough for a business to survive but not today. Mobile Applications make you and your business future-ready. Regardless of the size of your business, mobile apps have become a necessary marketing tool.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest reasons why businesses need a mobile app now.

  • Product Promotion: Businesses having mobile app stands out today. There is a bigger reach for that business and updates about its products via mobile app keep the customer interested.
  • Brand Recognition: An existing customer or stranger can look at the business icon from the mobile phone screens and identify it even if they are not looking to visit that business’s website. Having an app improves brand recognition and brand recall value.
  • Proactive engagement with the customers: Through mobile apps, there is a real possibility of engaging with customers in real-time. It also forges a never-ending buyer-seller relation by the means of to and fro communication. This is a powerful means to improve customer experience and in the end, provides relevant information to target customers.
  • Expansion of customer base: Once a business app is ready and available on various app stores, chances are that more people (other than regular customers) will find out about that particular business (as well as products and services it offers). If the mobile app is integrated with the social media of the business then the reach increases even further.
  • Direct Marketing Method: With time, old marketing methods have become obsolete. Modern times need modern solutions. A well-designed mobile app can act as a salesman, business brochure, customer care representative, information desk, and much more. The product or service description along with reviews will give an edge to the businesses using it.
  • Better Accessibility: It is a daunting task for a business that is targeting customers located in various geographic locations. One of the biggest advantages of mobile apps is that enable greater exposure and accessibility by being accessible on different mobile devices at a given time.
  • Complements your website: Apps provide personalized info as compared to websites where anyone can drop by when searching for information. Websites lack a personalized approach and one cannot achieve the same level of service and attention that apps can offer.

Businesses are slowly but surely realizing the advantages mobile devices and mobile apps are offering in terms of attracting new customers. Business owners have in the past been keen on web design and development but now have started to add a mobile app to this suite as well.

Mobile apps have a much greater role to play in digital transformation than one realizes. They help in taking a business to the next level, so it can make use of the latest technologies and show its target audience as well as competitors just how adaptable that business is.

Currently, the biggest challenge for any business looking to get a mobile app is to know the purpose of each app and use them properly so as to get the optimum satisfaction and necessary experience it has been designed to give its users.

Therefore, it is beyond reasonable doubt that the mobile app development industry is on the flourishing side especially with the daily emergence of superior ad developers and development companies that are willing and ready to provide the required satisfaction and needs of mobile apps users. Whatever direction a business decides to take, a mobile app is going to become a staple part of it in the near future.

Businesses who find software development expensive in their county or location have the option to offshore software development. Offshore Software Development is considered to be a cost-effective and very reliable way of boosting quality standards of app development. As mentioned earlier, Singapore has emerged as a strong venue for mobile apps development businesses. If you are a business, finding the right professional(s) to build a suitable app as per your requirements can be a daunting task.

To overcome this challenge, TechTIQ Solutions offers professional & cost-effective digital solutions in a time-bound manner that enables businesses to better engage their customers and grow businesses in this digital era. The company has served a wide spectrum of industries including banking, logistics, transportation, media, healthcare, and others.

In order to make your business adaptable as per today’s digital era, all you need to do is to drop a mail to [email protected] or visit https://techtiqsolutions.com/contact-us/ with your query, and someone from TechTIQ Solutions team will get in touch with you.

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