How to Make Your Mobile App Stand Out?

How to Make Your Mobile App Stand Out?

Mobile app development is a process of permanent improvements. New functions, ideas, and designs come out every day. However, as much as technology changes, it can’t go against human nature.

It always comes back to the basic, simple things that help in people’s everyday lives. The most successful apps are the ones that solve exactly those kinds of problems.

With now over 4 million apps out there, you can find one for any circumstances. In other words, if you’re facing any sort of problem, there’s a high chance that an app already exists that addresses it.

There are new products available on mobile app stores every day, so you may find it challenging to promote yours. You’ve spent a lot of time on research and resources of development your mobile app to be just right. How do you make it stand out in a crowd in order to reach people?

We’ll talk about some practices that can make your mobile app stand out so that you are sure that consumers are able to find it.

Make Your Platform-Centric

The poor user interface is one of the main reasons for mobile app failure. A well-developed app should address the context of the platform where it’ll be available.

The biggest platforms – Google Play and Apple’s AppStore, for example, have different policies.   The categories where you can publish your app also differs between platforms. Even the requirements of the title are different.

Consider your chosen platform’s restriction. If you offer your app on multiple stores you need to keep in mind that the promotion of the same app might be different for any of them, as the functions it provides might not be completely the same.

In certain situations it’s appropriate to go for web design and development instead of for mobile development – so keep this in mind. 

Audience Research

Like any other new product, mobile apps need great market research before launching. This is crucial for knowing your market and choosing targeted customers within a specific niche. 

Explore similar apps for potential users and trends. You need to point out the particular problems your app solves and make it preferred by consumers. 

Know your audience before you build a product and let it be tested after it’s ready, before launching it. This will answer any questions you may have and help you find the weak points of your mobile app.

Listen to the voice of consumers and collect their feedback, that’s key for successful work.

Provide An Actually Useful Mobile App To Users

Keep in mind your research from the last point and make your app truly useful for your potential users. After you have collected your data, the starting point should address the needs and preferences of your consumers.

Compare yourself to your competitors and find the differences. Use them to engage your audience with what you have to offer more. 

If customers find useful in your app, they are more likely to download it and even spend on in-app purchases in the future.  

Also, don’t forget to teach your users how to use your mobile app. Make it as fast and as simple as possible. Applications that are easy to use win the loyalty of consumers. Provide them with onboarding experience if needed, but remember that if it’s too long and complicated they’ll just leave your app and look for something handier.

Adaptability is Important

The flexibility of your mobile app’s design is something you should definitely think about. All of the different mobile devices have different screens, resolutions, and features. The interface of your app needs to adapt to all of them.

Think about the landscape configurations of screens as well. As there is no standard for mobile phones, in some cases you need to keep the feature set to a minimum and in other, you can add a lot more. An adaptive mobile app is a must for sure.

Make Your Mobile App Safe

Digital security has always been a sensitive issue. Many applications require sensitive data that users usually don’t feel safe sharing.

It’s crucial to that your users are aware of why you are asking for some information or how are you going to use the data they provide. Keeping them in the known is important in building trust.

Show Your Mobile App To The World

Once your app is ready and on the market, make sure your potential customers notice it. Use everything that you have, like social media pages or website to promote the uses of your app. Use hashtags and collect consumers opinions. 

No matter of the platform, use the “one-click” rule to allow downloading the mobile app immediately after seeing it. Social media contributes to the success of apps a lot, so make use of everything it has to provide, but mostly it’s billions of users.

You can also think of informative articles and tips that also bring customers to your app. Not only market your app but build a loyal and engaged user base for it.

To Conclude

With that many apps available on the app store it seems hard to fight for your spot on the market. Simplicity and consistency are the keys. In order to make your mobile app stand out, you need to make sure you follow all of the steps above and even additional ones if possible.

A solid marketing strategy is important for your app. However, the uses and the way it provides them to consumers is what really determines its success.

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