Digital Transformation in Retail: It’s No Longer an Option

Digital Transformation in Retail: It’s No Longer an Option

Consumers nowadays are getting more and more demanding. Online purchases are a part of our day-to-day life. A good experience is always demanded by a consumer, but most importantly he wants convenience. That is exactly why consumers buy online.

For example, gas is slowly being replaced by electricity. Stores like Blockbusters are no longer a thing. It was not long ago when we used to rent videos and today there are only two Blockbusters in the world.

This shows how fast we replace something that was once convenient with a more convenient option.

About Digital Transformation

The digital transformation uses technology to solve traditional problems. It literally means going digital or “going paperless”. Digital transformation is slowly spreading around the world. Each country operated a different percentage of its digital potential.

In retail, it goes beyond focusing on only e-commerce for example. It’s a strategy that pushes retailers to create innovative business models that make digital and physical worlds work as one.

Digital transformation goes beyond efficiency. It creates operating models that are personalized customer experience and makes them the center of everything done by retailers.

No Longer an Option but a Necessity

No one likes waiting in lines at the store right? Actually, 20% of consumers leave their shopping carts and give up on shopping if there is a long line. That’s what made the business think of frictionless checkout.

Retailers are starting to think of ways to make checkout as easy and fast as possible.

This makes the shopping experience more convenient for consumers and they are more willing to come back to the store.

At the Amazon Go stores, for example, you just scan your phone at the entry, take what you want and walk out.

Another thing that brands do is reward customers for their purchases. When they see their search history and find out their preferences, they can improve their experience by making it more easy and personal. This works like a loyalty program but better.

As most of the consumers’ members of loyalty programs are unengaged with a retailer, this way they get better service personalized for them only.  The brand wins a loyal customer and the customer has a brand he can trust on.

For a shopping experience made as easy as possible consumers want it to be personalized to their needs. Most of them have an interest in personalized recommendations. For example, they are willing to give their email or phone number, to get notifications about products or offers that would match them.

There are many other aspects of digital transformation and the above mentioned are only a small part. But imagine if your business can make even two of them work together, the consumer may find the shopping experience a lot more convenient than online purchases.


Digital transformation is becoming a must for any business, otherwise, it could slowly be replaced by a more convenient one like we’ve already seen happen. The way to do it is not only to start to use more technology but completely transform the way you think about retail.

There are plenty of possible aspects of digital transformation. You need to find the ones that work for your business and satisfy all of your customers’ needs and wishes.

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“We started from an idea, grew into a purpose, became a goal, and then a reality”