• Firebase notification
  • Firebase authentication
  • ASP.NET MVC Core (Back-end, API)
  • React Native Cross Platforms Development


  • Participant can access the application using their mobile phone number for authentication
  • Allow participant to join a workshop, when finish a workshop participant will be rewarded a part of bicycle
  • Participant can give feedback during doing a workshop
  • Each time !nish a workshop, participant receive a noti!cation and see the reward
  • After finish all workshops, participant will receive a full bicycle and can share it on Facebook
  • Participant can join in number of group, each time admin create a new post of group, all participant in that group get the noti!cation and view the new post
  • Phone number athutentication, feedback system, share on FB, reward system, groping of participants, joining of workshop


  • Customer still wasn’t clear about the requirement, we had to help them to clarify
  • Customer wanted to adjust many features after we finished the development


  • Interact with customer frequently to know the intention and business situation so that we can consult them better
  • Release more frequently (every week) so that both sides can review and give feedback