Is Your WordPress Website Secure? Tips for Making Your WordPress Site Secure

Is Your WordPress Website Secure? Tips for Making Your WordPress Site Secure

WordPress accounts for 40% of all websites in the world. This makes WordPress sites a prominent target for hackers. If you are also one of the people owning a WordPress site, then you might be asking yourself: how secure is my WordPress website? While website security isn’t always a given, there are some tips and steps that can be taken to improve the website security of WordPress websites.

1. Move your WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS

For users and web browsers, the HTTP website is unsecure. In case you need to verify your website for clients, web searches, and internet browsers by moving from HTTP to HTTPS. This procedure includes buying an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which costs around $2 to $20 for a year.

Move your wordpress site from HTTP to HTTPS

Based on the hosting company, one can receive an SSL certificate for free. Once you have got your SSL certificate, then one can secure their WordPress site from one of the following options:

  • Using Plugin: WordPress plugin like Really Simple SSL makes activating site’s SSL certificate, as well as updating site to HTTPS, fast and simple. One can just download the plugin and follow the instructions in order to update the site to HTTPS.
  • Using Developer: Manual method of moving WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS needs the help of a developer. The developer will update the site address and WordPress address using the general settings as well as redirects. 

It is best advised to seek professional help if one doesn’t have a background in web development. 

2. Customizing login page URL

WordPress sites have the same login URL. By default, its’ login URL is wp-login.php or wp-admin, like or This is a drawback for the site and an easy starting point for hackers to target a WordPress website. A developer can manually or by using a plugin like Rename wp-login.php or iThemes Security can change the default login URL for you. With either approach, one can create a unique URL for logging in to the WordPress site.

3. Updating admin username

Often users choose default admin as their account username. This is a major security concern because it is just another piece of information for hackers just like the login page URL. In this unnecessarily common scenario, the hacker only needs a password now (since the hacker has login URL and login username). Account’s username can be changed in one of the following ways: 

  • Using a plugin: Plugin like “username changer” can help in updating a username swiftly.
  • Creating a new user: A new user can be created in WordPress that can occupy the role of an admin.
  • Modifying PHP admin: Using the web hosting control panel, the account username can be changed. 

4. Installing WordPress updates

WordPress is constantly releasing updates, features & security fixes that protect the website. If a site is hosted on then the changes will be applied automatically else manual update is needed for sites that are self-hosting. Keeping the WordPress website up-to-date will keep the site secure. Besides updating the WordPress website, one should also keep updating plugins to be secure. If you are not accustomed to such changes and features then it is best advised to get a professional developer’s help.

5. Don’t make WordPress version number visible to the public

WordPress website’s WordPress version number can be viewed by looking at the source code. This is another useful piece of information for the hacker. By knowing the version, hackers can target particular vulnerabilities. The site’s version number can be hidden by using security plugins like Sucuri Security or iThemes Security.

6. Use a password generator for generating password

In order to maximize WordPress security one can look at password generators. Password generator, like LastPass, helps create original, hard-to-crack passwords. 

7. Lock WordPress admin directory with a password

The wp-admin directory has all the files that power administrative functions on your WordPress site. If hackers gain access to this directory they can make any changes to the website. In order to secure the wp-admin directory, one needs to work in tandem with their developer. The developer can log in to cPanel and update directory protection functions. However, it needs to be made sure that changes are undertaken by professional developers otherwise wrong changes could result in a dysfunctional website, lost settings, and more. 

8.  Two-factor authentication 

It is one of the most popular WordPress security solutions of late. Requiring two forms of authentication feature works very well for WordPress security. The hacker cannot log in to the website unless the hacker can provide the second form of authentication too. In order to have two-factor authentications, one can make use of the Google Authenticator plugin.  

9. Boot idle users to keep WordPress site secure

In case you are away from your computer but yet logged into the WordPress account then it’s a security issue. In this case, someone can easily access and alter that WordPress site. That’s why it’s important to boot idle users. The best scenario would be that if a user is inactive for 15 minutes then that user automatically logs out. A plugin like Inactive Logout can help with this security measure.

10. Changing wp-table prefix to prevent SQL attacks

WordPress uses a default database prefix: wp- .

This default database prefix can cause problems because it makes a site vulnerable to SQL (Structured Query Language) injection attacks. Hackers know that every website (unless changed) will use this database prefix. That’s why it’s important to change it for your website. 

Some of the possible alternatives include: 

  • Ourwp-
  • Sitewp-
  • Originalwp-

These database prefix will require plugin like iThemes Security or a professional developer to do it manually.

11. Database Backup of WordPress site

If there are server crashes, hard disk failures, natural catastrophes, unforeseen accidents or hacker attacks on your website, then you can easily lose data. This can be avoided by database backup of your WordPress site.

Database Backup of wordpress site

Some of the best practices for doing this involves:

  • Data backing at least once a month
  • Hosting WordPress backup on cloud storage like dropbox or google drive instead of your own server
  • Using various automatic backup systems like WordPress backup plugins
  • Using professional backup services

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