Custom Mobile App Development is The New Flavor in 2021

Custom Mobile App Development is The New Flavor in 2021


The world entered the smartphone era a few years back and there has been no turning back. With 5G technology, we can see a huge audience turning to mobile apps. And, smartphones have replaced books, clocks, newspapers and have become our greatest companion. Today, not surprisingly the mobile app development industry has boomed too and is a multi-billion dollar industry.  There’s a high probability that having a mobile app will impact your business in a positive way. Here’s a look at some of the global stats about mobile usage below:


Fig.: Mobile & app users growth around the world

Every other organization is striving to take a place on mobile phones in the form of apps. Due to this rapid adoption, there are new trends and technologies coming up every year or two. Then, 2021 hasn’t been much different & we have witnessed some amazing custom mobile app development trends. Here’s a look at some of those trends:

  • Cross-Platform App Development

Over the years, some of the biggest and most popular companies like Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, etc. have successfully implemented cross-platform app development in order to attract more users and to become more efficient. The year 2021 and beyond is set to experience further advancement in the use of cross-platform app development. For example, new Technology like Google Flutter is set to rule the cross-platform App development sector in the coming years. It offers benefits such as multiple IDE support, ease of learning, and hot reload to make it an ideal technology. In addition to this, other cross-platform app development frameworks such as React Native, Ionic, and Xamarin are also gaining popularity.

  • Online Streaming Apps

Coronavirus put a halt to real events and virtual streaming apps took over. Live streaming apps have become very popular in 2021 and this trend is expected to continue beyond the coronavirus pandemic. These platforms available in the mobile apps help the users to create virtual events for people all across the globe.  These virtual interactive platforms allow the users to change rooms, interact and listen to different speakers while actively participating in group chats.

  • Enterprise Mobile Applications

Companies prefer all their employees connecting with the company24/7. The enterprise mobile application solutions make it possible with reliability and added security. The companies are empowering their workforce by offering enterprise mobile applications. These app designs are a step forward in digitizing businesses from no-code mobile pre-packaged solutions to custom app solutions and mobile-integrated dev platforms.

  • Wearable Apps

According to the Businesswire report, the wearable apps market will probably grow at a CAGR of 4.97 from 2017 to 2023. Wearable apps are becoming popular in the form of smartwatches, wearable glasses, smart sensors, etc. With the help of these devices, one is easily able to communicate and monitor activities. IoT (Internet of things) also plays a key role in the success of wearable apps. The use of the internet to connect computer devices to everyday devices seems to be the Internet of Things (IoT). As per a report from a business insider, there will be close to 41 billion IoT devices on the planet by 2027.

  • Use of AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning is slowly becoming the mainstay in mobile applications and devices. Features like voice command, face recognition, thumb recognition, face app, chatbots become common now & have helped to take the use of AI and Machine learning to the next level. AI and Machine learning is going to have more and more impact on our lives moving forward. Future of AI for custom mobile app development include.

  • Companies using predictive analysis: Companies have resorted to using predictive analysis in order to find new customers and to recommend products to their existing customers which they are likely to buy (based on their past order history). Companies are able to do so by having accessibility to the sales data of hundreds of customers and learning about their preferences using AI algorithms.
  • Growing demand for data sensors and computer vision technology: The ever-increasing demand to observe the public environments (in order to keep them safe) has given birth to artificial neural networks and computer vision applications.
  • The rapid increase of robotics in various business operations like manufacturing, finance, etc. has given rise to the use of AI exponentially.

In Conclusion

To sum up, the future of custom mobile app development technologies beholds some exciting times. Getting a customized app as per your business needs has never been easier.  The introduction of innovative mobile app development trends discussed above has made things easier and convenient in 2021.

Numerous app development companies are sprawling in the world that has led to the need of segregating the best from the rest. Therefore, good app development companies specialize in providing custom off-shore app development and web application development services. Furthermore, the best app development companies have a reputation for managing projects well. To manage a project efficiently, the manager or development team will choose the app development methodology that will work best for the project at hand. All methodologies are chosen based on the strengths needed as per the project requirements.

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