Web Design Trends to Follow in 2019

Web Design Trends to Follow in 2019

When you design a web page, it’s crucial to understand the tendencies and observation of modifications. Designers should never stop learning and be aware of all the new trends that come up each year.

Last year, content-free websites were one of the things that caught users’ attention. They caused interest with their artificial look. However, there were many other innovative ideas that didn’t work out quite that well.  Also, mobile usage has overtaken web browsing, which means almost all websites needed to have full mobile functionality.

With all the web design shifts, designers still manage to deal with the technical challenges and create user-friendly sites.

Everyone wants to have that trendy, always up-to-date website, right?

2018 gave us some weird techniques, but now it’s time to look at some of the web design trends we need to follow in 2019:


Animation has been a trend that continues to grow in the last years. And what 2019 is doing is that it makes it smaller, also known as micro-animation. That way the visitor isn’t distracted from the content, yet still gives your page the touch of energy it needs. They can be used as guides to the page or just to add sparkle to it.

Evolution of Chatbots

We’ve all been seeing chatbots for some time now. However, some were never that useful. New chatbots will start showing on sites this year. They will be made more efficient and intelligent. They’ll also have a higher level of customization and bright colors will make them more inviting

Geometric shapes

Cropping the images into geometric shapes or just placing shapes in the background, 2019 is all about simple shapes. You can make the shape of your page look symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial balance. This way only by simple geometry you can create completely different layouts.

Whether you want it to look subtle or edgy, you can get the desired result by some of these techniques.

Glith Art

This is actually an old design that is making its comeback. It can be used wherever you want to draw the eye of the visitor, because of its glitchy double exposure. The glitch art amplifies a feeling of disorientation and gives the website a little bit of a psycho look.

Splashes of color

Bold colors are always something we see in trends. It’s always been the best way to make a statement with your presence. Of course, it doesn’t mean using all of the bright colors you can think of. A color palette suitable for your website or brand is the right thing to choose. This also makes it more recognizable at first sight.

You could also use complementary color schemes. That’s the two exactly opposite colors whose use result in contrast which makes the pop out.


We’ve shared some of the web design trends of 2019 that will make your page easily recognized and remembered. Of course, there are probably hundreds of other ones created every single day. What’s important is that web designers need to keep up with all of what is going on in the area, to be able to provide you with the best and trendy page possible.

However, always follow the trends but never forget to be unique, because that’s the only thing that keeps the attention of visitors and never goes out of style.

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