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May 5, 2020


To a large extent, this is because software is making our lives easier and more sophisticated, in a circumstance where we may rapidly influence anything apart from the use of physical force. Also, offshore software development companies are increasingly expanding and giving clients many unique ideas.

As business owners, we are all eager to capture the market’s tastes. In addition, we can comprehend our clients so that we can deliver the highest standard of product and service to them.

However, the digital era is developing strongly and technology is on the rise if you have to go into a field where you do not have deep expertise. Consequently, it will be unpredictable. Therefore, all we need to do to succeed in digitization is to research the suitable model provided by partners, particularly top offshore software development companies in Vietnam.

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However, there may be cases when a client is willing to brave the technical and engagement challenges of an offshore team. With our roots and exposure, it is definitively one location where clients can find a fully offshore development team.  

In addition, those concerning hiring a remote coding team will find the most important details regarding the most prominent Pacific-Asian offshore development companies presented below. While the article is intended for the Singaporean audience, the information is equally applicable to readers.

Why Offshore Outsourcing to Software Development?

Offshore software development or programming involves assigning a task to a third-party software company or a group of developers in another country to offer services. The main reason for selecting this option – picking an offshore company – is more often than not the lower cost of development. 

To conduct offshore projects, you can hire a group, an offshore company, or maybe just an individual who specializes in subjects. Depending on specific requirements and plans, you may delegate the entire project or only certain tasks. At first glance, the procedure seems to be rather easy.

However, you must have a technically capable team who will oversee and manage this offshore development. Without such a talented crew, there is often a greater likelihood of wasted effort and project failure. If you don’t know what you’re doing or have the correct offshore company, hiring an offshore development center may be highly risky...


How important is software outsourcing to software development?


Why Vietnam For Offshore Software Development?

As time goes on, the IT labor market shows no signs of slowing down, and neither are offshore software development demands. Popular countries known for their technological prowess include India, Vietnam, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, China, and so on. These countries take the number one position in the quality of service, especially offshore software development in Vietnam.  

Also, offshore development companies in Pacific Asia particularly have been offering affordable prices and various approaches. Written communications are typical without major issues although it may take some getting used to conducting a live or e-meeting.

When it comes to offshore software development in Vietnam, It’s worth noting that this nation has made great strides in dominating and asserting its competitive position in the field of offshore software development in recent years. With a population of the ideal labor force, youthful and dedicated to the profession, Vietnam has provided global clients with a range of international-level projects, various offshore development models, and competitive service fees from the offshore development team. In short, only 2 hours of flight from Singapore, Vietnam is the perfect choice for clients looking at offshore development models.

Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam – Who are they?

As a result of a substantial rise in the number of new Developers entering the IT business, a growing number of software firms are sprouting up. Clients, in particular, have an easy time locating the top software development companies in Vietnam, where they can also choose from a wide range of internationally recognized names.

However, depending on the needs and nature of the project, we need to consider the offshore software outsourcing option. The prominent offshore countries you can seriously consider are India, China, Ukraine, and Vietnam… 

These are the top locations in the list with strong brain power in the Information Technology industry.Vietnam, however, is an ideal destination for offshore software development because of its reasonable service costs and the large pool of human resources (young people in particular are numerous and reliably provide both innovative ideas and high-quality output)…

We’ve compiled a list of the offshore software development companies we’ve worked with and can recommend with confidence:

1. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology was certified among the 15 best Agile software outsourcing companies in Vietnam by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019 and 2020. Having been ranked among the best offshore software development companies in Vietnam, their mission is to bring the best and most cost-effective Agile offshore software development to clients from all over the world; and among many different areas such as e-Commerce, banking, logistics, transportation, healthcare, media, and other industries. 

Saigon Technology, the leading Vietnam-based Agile software development firm, was founded in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with robust branches in four distinct countries: Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Saigon Technology is proud of its staff members responsible and innovative working attitude in bringing the capabilities of young Vietnamese human resources to promote the IT industry internationally, via premium offshore development services.

  • Clients: Karcher, Abbott, Panasonic, and Standard Chartered Bank to name a few.
  • Engagement models: Fixed-price or project-based.


Offshore Software Development Company in Vietnam - Saigon Technology
Offshore Software Development Company in Vietnam – Saigon Technology

2. FPT Software

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Hanoi, FPT Software is a subsidiary of the illustrious FPT Corporation with a sizable number of offshore software experts who are now employed in Vietnam and other overseas offices. It is a global hub in IT outsourcing and service offering headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. In addition, holding the leading role in technology service, FPT supports clients of all sizes of business in digital technology deployment & adaptation.

FPT Software brings many quality software technology products. Also, it provides world-class services in Smart Factory, Digital Platform, RPA, AI, IoT, Enterprise Mobilization, Cloud, AR / VR, … And, many more international from delivery centers across the US, Japan, Europe, Australia, Vietnam, and the Asia Pacific.

3. KMS Technology

Headquartered in Vietnam in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, KMS Technology is also one of the leading providers of offshore software development, testing, and consulting services. Outside of Vietnam, KMS Technology is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. They are confident in delivering innovative software solutions through a customer-centric approach.

All of their engineers graduated with honors or high distinction. They are creative and enthusiastic, and constantly build products at a faster rate. Accordingly, they can focus on developing their core business.

4. DXC Technology

Founded by the merger of CSC and the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services business, DXC Technology has historically distinguished clients. During its relentless personal development and improvement, both CSC and HPE Enterprise Services keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Surely, it helps to deliver customers worldwide high-quality offshore software development services. 

Every year, DXC’s revenue is estimated at 20 billion USD. This revenue success was built on a strategic combination of two complementary business areas. Consequently, that makes it become the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company.

5. TMA Solutions

In 1997, they at TMA Solutions set out to fill a need for top-tier offshore software outsourcing services among the world’s leading businesses. TMA Solutions belongs to the top 10 ICT, AI & IoT, and Fintech companies in Vietnam. 

With end-to-end solutions in offshore software development services, TMA Solutions specializes in software development, testing, porting vs migration, production support, IT management, and visual design options. TMA Solutions is aiming to enlighten a team of professional specialists in both professional abilities and English proficiency, customer contact, to maintain its position as a top offshore software development company in Vietnam.

6. S3Corp

S3Corp is one of the leading vendors of offshore software development services in the global market based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. S3 Corp has a proven track record in an ever-challenging and competitive market. 

Employing a scalable pool of talent with strong experience in the software outsourcing industry along with the application of proven processes and standards, they offer customers extensive software services. Their services range from full software development, new feature development, existing feature enhancement, automation test tool development, testing and maintenance support services, and more.

7. EZtek

Eztek’s story began in 2011 with a small team for services of offshore software development, with a big vision: to empower organizations across the globe with custom software development from concept to completion. 

Behind the scenes, a team of Project Managers, Developers, and Creatives come together to accomplish the great goal of making the company’s name on the list of one of the best software development companies in Vietnam, creating great software tailored to the needs of their clients across different industries.

8. Agiletech

AgileTech is a quality outsourcing/offshoring company in Website Development, Mobile Apps, Blockchain services, and AI – big data services. With talented IT resources, the company has built many products and become technical partners for international startups that have invested millions of US dollars. 

Of the 5-year journey, AgileTech has worked on over 100 projects in various industries from e-commerce, travel, and fintech to enterprise management, social media, and more. With industry-specific technology and intensive experience, the company has put forth impactful products for partners all around the world.

9. Innotech Vietnam

Innotech Vietnam is one of the prominent offshore teams focusing on high-quality services in Viet Nam as well as a leader in the development and system integration for Fintech Companies. At Innotech Vietnam, the staff members strive for the creation, innovation, development, and advanced solutions. 

This company offers a wide range of software services to meet all requirements and expectations from clients and turns these advanced technologies into value for their clients through their professional solutions and business service worldwide.

Above are the top offshore software development companies in Vietnam for those considering offshore software development services.

But if you are looking for a well-respected end-to-end solution digital solution provider, TechTIQ Solutions is the choice!

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