Top 5 Enterprise Software Development Trends to Follow in 2021

June 24, 2019


The enterprise software development industry, like any other nowadays, changes so fast that it might be hard to keep up with all the trends. The trendsetting companies define others’ approaches to business. Of course, staying ahead of the trends is something very important.

Before we start discussing the enterprise software development trends, let’s see what stands behind “Enterprise Software”.

This is the term for software used in large organizations. It’s an essential part of a computer-based information system that can provide tools such as automated billing systems or online payment processing. It also performs other business functions like accounting or order processing for example.

Enterprise software is also enterprise application software. It is useful to solve enterprise-wide problems, rather than departmental ones. Enterprise software aims to improve the efficiency of the enterprise by providing business logic support functionality.

Now that we gave the definition of enterprise software, let’s get to some of the top enterprise software development trends that we need to follow in 2021:

Microservices and Serverless Architecture

The serverless architecture builds on the microservice concept. Microservices are atomic blocks of code that perform individual tasks. This sounds simplified but is actually not easy to achieve. Once you’ve designed your microservices, they have lots of advantages on the development side. They provide smaller blocks of code that are easier to maintain.

The serverless function lets you utilize your small blocks of code directly to a cloud provider, who determines the needed infrastructure for your current load.

This makes the management of the microservices easier. You don’t have a complex service to work with. Big cloud providers have now adopted this concept, which makes the trend grow stronger.

Cloud-based Enterprise Software

When we mention the cloud, we couldn’t skip this as a trend. Today most of the companies that provide enterprise software development services offer this as an option to their clients. Cloud computing provides security benefits, as well as it improves used solutions. It allows achieving great business agility with lower costs.

However, as to everything else it has some disadvantages. Cloud computing brings bigger risks of data leaks. By using their own devices employees can increase the chance of leaking sensitive corporative information. That is a good reason for companies to educate their staff about the risks of cloud-based enterprise software.

IoT Devices in logistics

Some industry-specific problems can’t be solved without using cutting-edge technologies anymore. With IoT devices, logistic companies can collect data on the weather for example.

This can be used along with the information of a shipment’s location to provide timely and much more reliable info.

When the received indicators are analyzed with the use of enterprise software, the logistic company can define if the temperature exceeds the limits.

According to statistics, the number of connected IoT devices by now is 25 billion and by 2015 it is expected to increase up to 75 billion. This makes it a very fast-growing trend. By analyzing the real-time data from deliveries, the shipping companies are able to digitalize the value chain. Also, they can be aware of all core indicators at any time.

Machine learning

That’s the application of Artificial Intelligence, which enables a system to learn automatically. Machine learning is a massive improvement in enterprise software development as it can analyze a large dataset independently. Actually almost half of the new enterprise applications include artificial intelligence technologies.

The biggest benefit is that the system can filter information and provide relevant data only. This eliminates time to waste and makes the employees much more productive. Machine learning helps each member of the team separately, by eliminating possible errors and sending them notifications to remind them of upcoming tasks. This process is designed to increase the efficiency of the business.

Mobile Apps

Keeping in mind that there are over three billion smartphone users in the world, having a mobile app is mandatory. This is a trend that has been going abound for the last couple of years but continues to evolve.

Augmented Reality for example is getting into some apps, as it brings more knowledge to already existing products. It really improves customer experience as they can actually see what the product will look like at the place they’d like it to be before they even got it.

You can design a whole room with products with the app’s AR and you are able to decide which furniture looks best for example. Augmented Reality brings new levels of convenience to users and that is exactly what consumers look for. In our modern world, mobile apps are a must for your business.


Today a business app requires the usage of Artificial Intelligence in order to avoid mistakes for example and it never stops improving. Investment in digital technologies is a step you can no longer skip, in order to run a profitable business. Most of the companies have come to that fact so they choose to follow all the enterprise software development trends.

Here you saw 5 enterprise software development trends. Some of them just improve year by year and others are absolutely innovative. However, in order to keep up with the progress of technologies, you must always be aware of all trends in the industry and follow them.

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