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Project Requirements

Engagement model: fixed price and on going support


  • React-native
  • Quickblox (chat feature)
  • MongoDB
  • Google map API
  • Firebase notification
  • Facebookd ads sdk


  • Login via facebook/gmail
  • Social network suport user upload a post with multiple photos or a video
  • Friend management feature
  • Find nearby friends based on address
  • Send chat message in app
  • Like or comment on a post
  • Share user information to other users
  • Native facebook ads
  • Facebook login, image upload, video upload, friend seach based on location, chat, message post, like or comment on post, facebook ad


  • Facebook ads sdk does not support react-native
  • Quickblox does not support react-native
  • Apple reject upload to Appstore because app does not have content management feature


  • Convert facebook sdk native to support react-native
  • Convert quickblox sdk to support react-native
  • Develop mobile application for admin to manage uploaded content and users

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