How to Increase Mobile App Security

How to Increase Mobile App Security

Every one of us has heard about cybersecurity threats and data breaches. They are becoming common practice now making app security a top priority. Mobile app security is the foundation of every great mobile app and it’s not something that the app can have in at a later stage. App makers have to assess the risks of such as cybersecurity threats and data breaches while building their mobile apps. By implementing the mobile app security measures, they will be able to safeguard both the apps and the data within. These measures are not difficult to implement.

Below, Techiq Solutions will be looking at some of the common mobile app security issues and how to overcome those issues in order to increase mobile app security.

Unintentional Data Breach and leakage

This term refers to the storage of important app data at unsecured locations on the mobile. The ultimate impact of this breach is the unauthorized use of this data. This unintended data breach usually happens because of the virus in the operating system or lack of security features.

Poor Authentication Mechanism

Mobile apps are not always connected with the internet especially in the case when a user is offline. The apps are unable to distinguish between users. In case, when the offline authentication is not too strong or weak. Hackers can take control of the mobile app which can cause data protection issues.

Unreliable session handling

This happens when a user has already logged out of the app but the previous session continues in the background. E-Commerce sites allow long sessions in order to speed up the buying process for the customer and to provide buying suggestions. However, if you lost the phone then who possesses the phone can manipulate the essential user data.

Encryption Failures

Though encryption is fairly secure it still can fail giving an opportunity for hackers to access data by getting encryption keys from insecure locations.

Now the real concern for any user is how to increase mobile app security. Some of the steps that can help secure it are mentioned below:

Backend Security

There are a large number of backend APIs that only an app able to access can interact with it. The reality, though, is a bit different from it. Backend servers need to have various security measures in place in order to safeguard against malicious attacks. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there are all verified APIs on the mobile platform intended to code for. Since transport mechanisms and API authentication may differ from platform to platform.

Preventing Unexpected Data Leak

When a user uses an app, there is an agreement to certain permissions. That allows brands and businesses to obtain crucial personal customer information. By ethically implementing advertising and using secure analytics providers. Hence, users can ensure that the data never gets unintentionally leaked to hackers or malicious businesses.

Getting to know the platform’s specific limitations

As an app developer, in case you are developing multiple mobile operating systems. In this way, it is better to understand the security features as well as the limitations of the platform, and then code accordingly. The developer should also take into account different user case scenarios, encryption support, password support, and geo-location data support for the OS. Therefore, that supports developers to control and distribute the app on chosen platforms.

Minimizing storage of sensitive data

If possible, a good app developer will always try to find ways through which the confidential user data to be safe within the device or in your servers. This is mainly due to the fact that unnecessarily storing user data adds to risk levels. In case it is imperative to store data and there is no way around it. Then, it is advisable to use encrypted data containers or key chains while using cookies for stored passwords. Also, it is advisable to minimize reliance on logs and make sure they get automatically deleted after a set interval of time.

Source Code Encryption

Mobile malware is able to tap bugs and vulnerabilities within the design and source code of the mobile application. As per a recent research report, malicious code infects more than 12 million mobile devices at any given time. And, the most common way attackers do it is by repackaging popular apps into “rogue apps” and publishing the same. That is why app developer needs to encrypt source code. JavaScript, for example, is very easy to read, and its minification and obfuscation can help to make it more difficult to read and interpret. But encrypting it will ensure that anyone cannot access the source code.

Thorough Quality and Security check before launching

As a last resort for mobile apps, thorough testing of applications against generated security scenarios before eventual deployment is a must. If there are no budget constraints, one can even hire a hacker. Because hackers could help in identifying security backdoors within an application that was thought to be sound enough. Well-known companies such as Google and Microsoft hold Hackathons. Hundreds of hackers try to find security issues within their apps for prize money in Hackathons.

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