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Client Introduction

Idealpos has developed a handheld app for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad devices to allow staff to offer better service on the door to your customers. Offering advanced capabilities to place their own order, this is a time saver in your pocket!


  • Using socket to connect with server
  • Build app with react-native 0.53.3 , redux , redux-observable, react-navigation
  • Using realm to save data


  • Fast access to the same stock items available on your POS Screen terminals
  • iPad/ iPad Mini version displays a fully-functioning Table Map complete with status indicators
  • Hand the device to the customer 10 complete their own order, in their own time
  • Increase staff service by minimizing the time required walking to an order terminal
  • Allow staff to use their awn devices if they wish

We Strive to Provide High Quality Services in Budget

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