Top 10 Mobile App Analytics Tools for Taking Your App Business To The Next Level

March 13, 2019


There are hundreds of mobile app analytics tools are there. TechTIQ Solutions, a leading app development company in Singapore helps to outline the best!

Quick Recap

  1. Google Mobile App Analytics
  3. Mixpanel
  4. Firebase Analytics
  5. Apple App Analytics
  6. Fabric
  7. Piwik
  8. Flurry
  9. Devmate
  10. Amazon Mobile Analytics


The mobile app industry is progressing to reach a mature stage. And, amid the pressures of the growing competitive market, app user analytic services and tools have become increasingly significant. In our research roundup, we sought to sum up the best mobile app analytical tools currently ruling the industry. So, let’s explore what some of these mobile app analytics tools offer.

i. Google Mobile App Analytics

Google’s mobile app analytics tool is one of the most commonly used tools as far as measuring app engagement, user interactions, and optimizing the overall experience goes. Other than monitoring user data, the Mobile App Analytics Tools also make effective use of some of the industry’s most advanced user demographics algorithms. And, that involves Google Mobile App Analytic reporting their data under four categories; Acquisitions, User session info, Engagement tracking and Outcomes.


  • It’s a free tool
  • App makers get an acute understanding of user demographics
  • Possible conversion tracking through integration with Google Play


  • Available only for Android and iOS platforms
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Google Mobile App Analytics

ii. is another high-ranking tool that has carved a name for itself in dispensing in-app analytics and metrics ranging from push notifications to user profile segmentation. In particular, its responsive UI provides a real-time analytics platform that is available for hosting on the developer’s infrastructure.


  • Available for a wide range of platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone
  • It’s an open-source platform
  • Real-time reporting on app user engagement and retention metrics.
  • Offers flexibility by allowing app developers to create their unique plugins


  • Requires paying for an Enterprise Edition
Mobile App Analytics Tools -

iii. Mixpanel

Mobile app developers may be pleased to know that Mixpanel excels in providing loads of analytical tools starting from funnel analysis, marketing automation; cohort analysis to in-depth analysis of real-time user data. Therefore, you can expect the Mixpanel SDK segmentation tools to help you analyze on running A/B testing, new users metric, client engagement, and use of triggered notifications.


  • Consistent in tracking app usage metrics through the cohort analysis
  • The segmentation tools are essential in optimizing data
  • Developers can tie their mobile app analytics to the web and vice versa


  • The free version is limited (25,000 data points/month).
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Mixpanel

iv. Firebase Analytics

Firebase is also a free and open-source analytical toolset focused on rendering detailed insights on app crashes, performance, in-app purchases, attribution, and audience demographics. Apart from reporting what goes on inside the app, Firebase also let the developers combine behavioral reporting of the users, to the app growth campaigns, and devise new strategies to market the app.


  • It’s free and unlimited without a usage quota
  • Flexible enough to allow for the custom setting of user properties.
  • Run advanced data analysis through the BigQuerying option.


  • The dashboard can be overly complex for beginners
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Firebase Analytics

v. Apple App Analytics

Apple App provides data with insights for the IOS platform devices. Currently, the free mobile app analytic tool handles three basic sets of the app data: usage, sales, and App store data. From this analytics, developers can identify different aspects of downloads, app revenue, usage, and marketing channels.


  • Provides free services to IOS and tvOS apps
  • User tracking is done through Apple ID to provide precise and authentic data
  • Developers also get access to a Mobile App Analytics Account


  • Only works for iOS devices
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Apple App Analytics

vi. Fabric

The analytical engine behind Fabric is a product of Twitter’s app development team, now owned by Google. The mobile app statistics platform has become a robust service where developers can get access to a suite of tools that allows them to organize, interpret, and act on real-time app event data.


  • Free service
  • The creation of custom audiences allow the exploration of user insights
  • Historical and real-time data is available to unearth trends on user app behavior
  • Availability of alerts through emails, and push notifications


  • Restricted only to mobile apps
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Fabric

vii. Piwik

Piwik differs from most mobile app analytical tools since it allows developers to keep all their data by placing the apparatus on their servers instead of funneling the service to third-party entities such as Google. Moreover, the Piwik SDKs provide the app developers on different platforms detailed information regarding their apps’ user demographics (active, new, and non-active), device information, and app performance.


  • Real-time tracking of app data on user profiles
  • High level of privacy for the app information
  • User-friendly API and UI
  • Free and open source


  • Piwik Pro requires a subscription.
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Piwik

viii. Flurry

Flurry operates as a free mobile app analytics tool resourceful in tracking and analyzing the app portfolio and activities. You can check on in-app actions and visualize emerging usage trends and analyze user actions. Besides, Flurry lets you segment the user demographics according to a broad category of options such as the app version, installation date, language, gender, usage, and geography.


  • The Flurry Personas option categorizes users to allow for easy identification of trends
  • The machine learning feature dispenses very accurate predictive analysis
  • Free for a wide range of platforms


  • Difficult to identify errors with lack of notifications
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Flurry

ix. Devmate

DevMate is a set of mobile app development tools built by MacPaw Inc. Under its platform, DevMate offers app developers a metric tool to handle comprehensive app metrics. Also, these include the app’s number of visits, user downloads, and app sales. In addition, the three parameters would then have DevMate generate reports on the funneling performance, revenues, and conversion rates.


  • Offers mobile app analytics for up to five apps
  • Automatic licensing and order fulfillment is available for apps
  • Availability of advanced crash and app error reporting for developers


  • Available only for Mac OS devices

x. Amazon Mobile Analytics

Amazon Mobile App Analytic Tool is a mobile app analytics service bent on offering an easy collection, visualization, and understanding of app usage data at whatever scale. With this tool, the developer can track the aggregate metrics, user/customer behaviors, identify client trends and generate data visualizations of the information.


  • Free for events under 100 million
  • Developers can run campaigns to improve user engagement through Amazon Pinpoint
  • Export raw data and conduct custom analysis thanks to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift


  • Payable for event analysis that surpasses 1 million  
Mobile App Analytics Tools - Amazon Mobile Analytics


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