Top Guide to the 6 Steps of Mobile App Development Process – 2022

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Table of Contents In this day and age, almost every adult has a mobile phone or rather a smartphone. Based on the data in Statista, there are over 6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally. This figure is still expected to grow in the coming years. Regardless of the age group they belong to, people today are […]

5 Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms for Singapore Businesses

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Table of Contents Over the past 20 years, E-Commerce has grown to be one of the fastest-growing industries in Singapore. Thanks to well-developed E-Commerce Platforms and a digital-savvy population. Not to mention, due to the surge in demand when the pandemic happened in 2020. Today, Singapore’s E-Commerce sector is crowded with both large and small […]

Top 10 Tips and Strategies for E-commerce Marketing in 2022

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Table of Contents With the boom in E-commerce, many store owners are investing more to market online to boost their website traffic. Above all, for more sales. You may have put together a basic strategy but it can still be difficult for you to choose which marketing tactics to use. In this high-level guide, we […]